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Verge Gardening busy bees

Transition Town Guildford’s verge gardening group got off to a great start the other week with locals from Guildford, South Guildford and Bassendean. Discussion centred on possible verge development options within the shire guidelines such as natives or veggies, raised garden beds and wicking beds.

Verge gardens

The main topic was non-chemical options for getting rid of grass and weeds before starting verge treatment. Quite a few very useful tips were shared on a range of related subjects. Then, coffee, tea and cake 🙂

Our next meeting  will be on Saturday 18th April from 2 – 4 pm which will include a short working bee to set up a mulching experiment at Barb’s in Bassendean – testing 2 different block out methods for eliminating couch grass.

This project aims to meet 5 times at approximately 3 week intervals over the autumn and early winter period to help each other get organised in time for plants to establish well over the rest of winter

If you’d like to join in, please RSVP to Pam for the address on 9378 2523 or email pamela.riordan@gmail.com

Here’s some useful resources:


Verge Gardening in Guildford and Surrounds

Have you ever driven past a lovely replanted verge and thought, “Gosh, I should do that!” What a great idea! Well now there’s a small group of keen neighbours in the Guildford area who would love you to join in.

Verge gardens

Here’s the idea: we’d love to get a few small groups of neighbours together, ideally a group(s) of homes that are close by, and ideally either in Guildford, or say, Woodbridge or South Guildford, to revamp their verges together.

We plan to start with a meet/greet/ideas session, with a speaker on how to clear your verge and get rid of grass/weeds. This is the ideal time of year to do so.

The remaining sessions would be rotated through participants’ verge locations, and include a short working bee to help each other get going – what a great idea! Then, a cuppa and a short talk/demo on a range of topics such as:

  • reticulation for verges
  • suitable natives and keeping them alive
  • veggies on the verge
  • mulching, etc

Our motive is to promote verge gardening and to create some fine and lovely local examples for people to enjoy.

Whether your interest is a verge planted with natives, veggies or just mulched, we’d love to hear from you.

Register your interest by emailing barb@beyondgreen.com.au or calling 0400 298 258