Hearts and Minds

The transition from a consumer society to a conserver society (from a collapsing economy to a sustainable one) will be very challenging for all of us, not just in practical terms. It will greatly challenge our minds and our emotions as we work through the big changes that will be necessary to transition successfully.

The Hearts and Minds group provides mutual support and encouragement to all Transitioners to explore these challenges at a personal and community level. We will be working through such things as:

  • envisioning the difficulties and crises we will have to face
  • acknowledging and expressing our fears about the future
  • grieving for the losses that have been and will be incurred
  • releasing anger about damage to our environment and the slowness of change
  • addressing the habits and addictions that keep us consuming and behaving in ecologically damaging ways
  • reducing our personal footprint and our share of the planet’s resources (earthshare)

We will also work together to

  • gain courage and determination for campaigning for a better world
  • raise awareness and consciousness in others
  • maintain hope and optimism about the possibilities of societal transformation and a successful transition

Monthly Meeting

The Hearts and Minds group will be meeting monthly on the the 3rd Tuesday of the month to debrief movies, books and undertake the vital work of inner transition. Please contact Rod Mitchell for address details 0427 428 009 or rod.mitchell5@gmail.com or to find out how you can join in.

Past events

Previous events include the workshop “Transition of the Heart – healing ourselves so we can heal the planet” which will run again in 2014.


2 responses to “Hearts and Minds

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  2. I have only just found out about Transition town and would love to learn more!😀 Many thanks

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