Waste & Recycling

Everyday we throw out tonnes of recyclable material, leading to additional extraction of non-renewable resources. At the same time, our tip sites are filling up fast and the waste we produce is a significant contributor to our emissions.

Transition Town Guildford are keen to reduce waste, increase recycling, and encourage composting and worm farms.

We also hope to turn Guildford and surrounding areas into a plastic bag free zone. Check out the Campaigns page for ways to take action.

If this interests you, contact the convenor of the Waste and Recycling group: Barb Frey (barb@encompasscoaching.com.au).


4 responses to “Waste & Recycling

  1. Martin Copeman

    Hi Barb I am new to this group and was wondering if anything is being done or if there is any interest by this group in regard to participating in ‘Garage Sale Trail 2014’

    Keep the smile
    Martin Copeman
    32 East Street
    Guildford WA 6055

  2. I recycle all the time but never knew about Transition town. Would love to learn more! 😀 Many thanks

    • Hi Annette
      Thanks for your comments. The best way to learn more about this group is to sign up for our newsletter. See the link on the lower right hand side of the homepage to sign up. You can unsubscribe at any time. Hope to see you at some of our events.
      Best wishes
      Transition Town Guildford, Inc

  3. Nice article.We can use our waste material to make compost.Thanks for sharing.

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