Verge Gardening in Guildford and Surrounds

Have you ever driven past a lovely replanted verge and thought, “Gosh, I should do that!” What a great idea! Well now there’s a small group of keen neighbours in the Guildford area who would love you to join in.

Verge gardens

Here’s the idea: we’d love to get a few small groups of neighbours together, ideally a group(s) of homes that are close by, and ideally either in Guildford, or say, Woodbridge or South Guildford, to revamp their verges together.

We plan to start with a meet/greet/ideas session, with a speaker on how to clear your verge and get rid of grass/weeds. This is the ideal time of year to do so.

The remaining sessions would be rotated through participants’ verge locations, and include a short working bee to help each other get going – what a great idea! Then, a cuppa and a short talk/demo on a range of topics such as:

  • reticulation for verges
  • suitable natives and keeping them alive
  • veggies on the verge
  • mulching, etc

Our motive is to promote verge gardening and to create some fine and lovely local examples for people to enjoy.

Whether your interest is a verge planted with natives, veggies or just mulched, we’d love to hear from you.

Register your interest by emailing or calling 0400 298 258


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