Transition Initiatives are a worldwide movement of ordinary people finding ways of living more sustainably, building community resilience and creating a positive response to the challenges of climate change, peak oil and economic uncertainty. Each Transition Town (or city, or village, or island, etc.) is independent, developing its own plans and working on its own priorities. See our first post for more details.

Transition Town Guildford Inc is a group based in Guildford and surrounds, Western Australia.

Our Vision

Cultivating a strongly connected community and a healthy environment

Our Core Objectives

We engage our community by creating local events, activities and opportunities to:

  • share knowledge, skills and resources;
  • develop sustainable and resilient lifestyles;
  • enlist government, business and NGOs on issues of concern;
  • revitalise the natural environment.

Transition Town Guildford incorporated in 2014. If you would like to see a copy of our Constitution, you are welcome to do so here.

If you’d like to know more, please get in touch and check out the Get Involved tab.

Transition Contacts:
Peter Langlands – 0438 940 386
Elizabeth Archer – 0417 718 051
Christine Hogan – 9279 8778
Rod Mitchell – 0427 428 009

email us via TTGuildford at gmail.com

Post to PO Box 211, Guildford, WA 6935

Christmas Picnic 2012

Christmas Picnic 2012


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  1. Transition Town Albany is now at

    This site has been optimised for those on a low bandwidth.

    As a handy tip for other small groups tiny.cc is a redirect service where the user can edit the redirection so if I change ISP then my tiny.cc link stays the same.

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