Stammtisch at the Rose and Crown

We’d like to give you an update of what Transition Town Guildford has been doing, and invite you to our first ‘Stammtisch’.

What’s a Stammtisch you ask?

It’s a German tradition of meeting with friends, at a set table, at a regular day and time. To eat, drink and discuss. So to share ideas and get to know each other better, we’re going to meet at the Rose and Crown pub at 4pm on the last Sunday of every month. Come down for our inaugural Stammtisch on Sunday 31st of July!

Bring a friend or invite neighbours who want to find out about Transition Towns/ sustainability.


Rose & Crown

Sunday 31st July

4pm in the back stables

Since last time, we’ve been busy spreading the word and thinking up more events, as well as looking into waste and recycling for our area. Come along to find out what our next events will be……


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