Grants & Awards

Transition Town Guildford has received a number of grants over the past few years which have helped us achieve our vision of a strongly connected community and healthy environment.

June 2015
St John of God -Midland Public Hospital
Community Well-being Grant
TTG’s Verge Gardening Group received a grant to support verge gardening together to promote sharing of knowledge and physical activity in a social setting while establishing vibrant and attractive local verge gardens

May 2015
Department of Local Government and Communities (DLGC) –
Early Years Activity Grant
TTG received a grant to run fairy door making workshops with local children in Guildford Library to celebrate National Families Week

May 2015
WA Waste Authority – Compost in May Grant
Our Kitchen Gardeners group received a grant to support engaging a compost expert to lead our Compost in May workshop event, ‘Rich Soil from Food Waste and Worms’

March 2015
Department of Transport/WestCycle – Bikeweek grant
Our Transport group received a grant to hold a ‘Pedal Powered Movie Night Under the Stars’

September 2014
WA Waste Authority Infinity Award – Highly Commended Finalist
our Waste Action Group was a finalist and received a Highly Commended runner-up award and grant for ‘Community Driven Waste Busting’, a compilation of all of our waste education and training efforts in the community to date

May 2014
WA Waste Authority – Compost in May Grant
Together with The Victoria Park Transition Network and Transition Town Mt Hawthorn, we received a grant to support a Compost in May event in each group featuring the movie, “Dirt: the Movie”, an excellent documentary about soils.

May 2013
Department of Transport – TravelSmart Bike Week Event Grant
We received funding support to host a local TravelSmart Bike Week event encouraging families to cycle more for leisure. We hosted a local Treasure Hunt on bikes which took families all over Guildford to find clues. Funding provided a great set of prizes.

April 2013
WA Waste Authority – Community Grants Scheme
We received a community grant to run a local workshop series called ‘Sunny Side Up’ to train 25 local families who had never had poultry before in how to care for backyard hens as a means to recycling household kitchen scraps and organic waste in the garden.


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