Transition in WA

First Perth Transition Hub gathering January 2014

First Perth Transition Hub gathering January 2014


Armadale is starting up! Email us if you’re interested

Bayswater in Transition Environment House – Website, Facebook

Fremantle in Transition (FiT) – Facebook

Transition Town Gosnells – Facebook, Website,

Joondalup Transition Town – Facebook group

Kalamunda is starting up! Email us if you’re interested

Kwinana Community Share – Facebook,

Melville Transition Town & Living Smarties – Facebook

Mundaring in Transition (MiT) – FacebookWebsite,

Transition Towns Stirling –

Victoria Park Transition Network- Facebook

Transition Town Vincent – Website, Facebook,

Perth Transition Hub Organisers – Facebook

Perth Transition Hub

Regional WA

Transition Albany – Website

Transition Balingup – Website

Transition Bridgetown –

Bunbury Transition Initiative –

Transition Busselton

Transition Kwoorabup-Denmark – FacebookWebsite

Transition Esperance

Transition Geraldton

Transition Margaret River – Facebook, Website

Transition Manjimup – Stellar Violets

So if you’re not near Guildford, join one of these, or start your own! We’re always happy to share our experiences and offer any advice on starting out.

To find out more about Transition in general, check out the Transition tab under resources or visit the Transition Network. You can also search for Transition initiatives or transition people near your location.

Please contact us if we have missed your group or are lacking contact details.


5 responses to “Transition in WA

  1. I would just like to make a comment regarding the paedestrian concerns in and around Guildford and mention the roundabout intersection of Swan and Meadow streets, in particular the East West crossing. On ocassions it is impossible to cross and you simply have to wait until a car stops for you. I thought a solution would be to put a paedestrian crossing on the otherside of Barker bridge (a paedestrian crossing on both sides of the bridge as is with the Bassendean bridge) so that one could cross over the bridge heading North go under the bridge and cross back on the other side of the bridge heading back South. This would mean no interuption to the flow of traffic. I would be very interested to hear if anyone else is commenting on this site,
    Thankyou, Regards Dione Davidson, Guildford.

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  4. I was searching for energy and came across your Transition in WA | Transition Town Guildford page. My biggest concern is power, unless we stop using dirty energy the earth is going to be in dire trouble.
    I am surprised engineers are not looking at using more renewable energy like Ocean Current Turbines like Crowd Energy LLC. If we dont solve this problem now its going to get worse.
    Cheers, Whitting

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