Be Prepared

Recent extreme weather events in Australia and across the world have shown how quickly disasters can turn normal life into chaos.

Communities that are prepared are more resilient and can bounce back more quickly if they are ready.

We need to:

  • know the risks in our area
  • take responsibility
  • make a family and neighbour plan
  • prepare a kit.

The Be Prepared group is available to meet with groups to focus on what you might need to do & what you think might help you prepare to handle extreme weather events and associated issues with your family and neighbours.

Helen Kent,  Emergency Management Officer, City of Swan is a key adviser to this group.

In December 2012 this group held a meeting with 25 neighbours from Swan Street West and surrounding streets. See photos below.

If you would like to hold a meeting in your neighbourhood or would like further information please contact the convenor of the Be Prepared group:

Chris Hogan ( or phone 9279 8778

Useful links

Be Prepared Dec 2012 Be Prepared December 2012 b


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