Kitchen Gardeners

TTG Kitchen Gardeners

Transition Town Guildford’s Kitchen Gardeners is a community group based in Guildford, Western Australia and surrounding suburbs. Our aim is to encourage people to take positive action towards building a more resilient community as a response to the challenges of climate change, peak oil and economic uncertainty, by producing, preparing and preserving our own food at home.

We meet roughly bi-monthly in members’ gardens to share experiences, plants and tools and participate in garden-related activities, providing each other with support and encouragement to grow our own fruit and vegetables, preserve crops, and keep small livestock such as poultry.

Join the Facebook group here or if you want to find out more or are keen to attend, please email Sian at

Upcoming Events 2015

Check out our Upcoming Events tab for more details of the next gathering

Past events of the Kitchen Gardeners


19 July – Backyard Chickens

17 May – Composting and Worm Farm

22 March – Winter Veggie Patch

17 January – Jam in January; Jam and Pickle making


6 April – Bread making

2 March – Caring for Fruit trees

2 February – Jam and pickles

December  1 – Surviving the heat – summer veg gardening
November 3 – Bees and honey-themed tea
October 6 – Chooks in the backyard
September 1 – Spring veg planting at Glen Forrest Community Garden
August 4 – Fruit tree pruning
July 7 – When life hands you lemons…
June  – Sourdough and soup
April – Pasta, pesto and cheese
March – Seeds and potting at Jetto’s Patch
February – Preserving the harvest – jam and pickle

December: Kalamunda sustainable house
November: Preserving the harvest – marmalade, lemon butter and tomatoes
October: Compost and Worm Farms
September: Spring planting day
August: Keeping bees
July: Keeping Backyard Chooks
June: Inaugural Kitchen Gardener’s Society gathering


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