Community Energy forum wrap

On Monday night we held a Community Energy Forum in Midland. It was short notice, but great to have the opportunity to hear from visiting Community Energy researcher Jarra Hicks. She outlined some of the inspiring community energy projects she’s visited around the world.

You can download a copy of Jarra’s slides here. Unfortunately there wasn’t enough battery to record all her presentation. So if you have video/camera expertise and would like to help in the future, please let us know. Thanks to Michelle Kwok for the Iphone videos below!

Barb’s take away messages from the Congress:

Jenny’s summary from the Congress of different community energy models:

 Download a PDF copy of Barb and Jenny’s slides

To finish the night, Tom Tolchard also presented a summary of the feedback we received at the Guildford Energy launch earlier in the year. Download a PDF copy of Tom’s slides

Following the Community Energy Forum on 21st July and our previous launch, we’re hosting two opportunities for people to come discuss what direction they would like Guildford Energy to take?

  • What should Guildford Energy focus on and aim to achieve?
  • What business model / financial arrangement / governance structure appeals to you?
  • Do you have any ideas for specific projects?
  • Are you interested in investing in such a project?

Join us for one of two facilitated discussions:

Opportunity 1:

Date: Tuesday, 19th August
Venue: Stirling Arms Hotel
Time: 7 pm start

More details and please RSVP

Opportunity 2:
Date: Saturday, 23rd August
Venue: Mechanics Institute
Time: 1 pm start
More details and please RSVP

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3 responses to “Community Energy forum wrap

  1. marieandtheappletree

    Did you discuss Jevons paradox? I interviewed someone from WACOSS about Solar (PV cells) who said that energy use is increasing with the uptake of solar panels, are there plans to actively reduce energy consumed? Your work is really great and inspiring, well done Transition Guilford !!!!

    • Thanks Marie! No, we didn’t discuss the ‘Rebound Effect’ specifically, but it’s a very good point to keep in mind. We have to reduce our use first and not use installing Solar PV as an excuse to use more electricity! Improving energy efficiency has come up before and is definitely something that Guildford Energy could focus on. Feel free to come along to one of the next events to discuss.

  2. marieandtheappletree

    I live in the Kimberleys (currently) but would personally like more practical information on how to transform a dwelling to be 10 start energy rating (or even just one room). Cool retreat rooms are recommended to cope with heat wave activity, it would be good to get advice on that?

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