Pasta, pesto and cheese

It seems lots of people have pasta rollers gathering dust at the back of kitchen cupboards, and when Elizabeth called for suggestions for workshops for Kitchen Gardeners in 2013, that was one echoed by lots of us.

And what a wonderful idea it was!  Combined with fresh mozzarella, pesto and gnocchi, the fettuccine we made was a hit.

This was the smallest workshop we’ve ever run, and with that menu, it was also the most intense.  With everything timed and timetabled, we did get through all four in the afternoon, but only just!  Here’s Sarah stretching mozzarella.


Under the careful instruction of cheese whiz Dan, we all got to take home the most heavenly bocconcini.


Michelle and Amanda, with supervision from young Eli, roll out their fettuccine.


Everyone raided their gardens for basil for pesto.  Simon (the one with the intense expression at the back) has put a lot of thought into his pesto and believes the key is in equal parts of nuts and cheese, with careful addition of basil because our harsh climate produces sometimes bitter leaves.  We tested this theory and agree.


Gnocchi is ridiculously simple to make and quite delicious.

Finally, a document with the recipes – pasta pesto cheese recipes April 2013.


One response to “Pasta, pesto and cheese

  1. Making me very hungry…! Let me know when the next gluten free Kitchen Gardeners is happening. 😉

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