Welcome our sister group – Transition Bay St. Margarets, Canada

Each Transition Initiative is a local group dealing with resilience issues in their area, but the Transition Movement as a whole is world-wide in scope. As an illustration of this wide scope,  Transition Town Guildford has informally twinned with a sister-transition group: Transition Bay St. Margarets, located near Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Our two transition initiatives are very nearly on the opposite sides of the earth from each other!

TBSM logo-FIN-1.5A2

The Family of one of our steering group are part of the steering group of Transition Bay St. Margarets and joined us for our Christmas celebration at the end of the year. Check out the inspiring projects below, and take a look at what our sister group is doing on the other side of the earth (http://www.transitionbay.ca/). It helps us all to appreciate that while the details may be different, the overall goals are remarkably similar. Visit your sister often and say hello!


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