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Event success: A weekend of building community resilience

What a weekend! Last Friday night was a sell out,  with 100 people packing into St Matthews hall to hear a powerful talk from Nicole Foss. This was followed on Sunday by the Transition of the Heart workshop.

The first half of Nicole’s talk was quite confronting as she outlined the serious challenges we are facing: finance, energy and environmental. She focused particularly on the financial side, as she believes this is the issue with the shortest time horizon, and therefore the most urgent.

It was encouraging to hear that the solutions that Nicole was advocating fit the Transition Town approach very well. Namely, decentralise and increase self-sufficiency. She also highlighted that building community is KEY!

“Relationships of trust are the foundation of society”

You can read more from Nicole at her blog The Automatic Earth

A special thanks to Sheena, Kristylee and Charles (PermacultureWest), and Shani (Ecoburbia) for organising with us.

This led perfectly into Rod’s Transition of the Heart workshop on Sunday, and the launch of the Heart and Soul sub-group of Transition Town Guidlford. The workshop was a great chance for people to explore and express their emotions and thoughts around these challenging topics. It became apparent that through expressing our past hurts and emotions, we are able to think clearer and respond in more productive ways towards environmental issues.

Don’t worry if you missed out, there will be a repeat of this workshop later in the year.

Thanks to Charles Otway for the photos