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TTG Kitchen Gardeners Grape Jam Blog

Kitchen Gardeners' local Grape Jam

Kitchen Gardeners’ Grape Jam (in January)

The first Kitchen Gardeners’ workshop, Jam in January was a huge success with a happy lot of ‘Gardeners’ leaving with one (or three) jars of delectable jam.

Bev Roseveare generously shared her recipe for black grape jam, perfect for the short grape season and a delicious accompaniment to toast or ice-cream!

The 'Gardeners'

The ‘Gardeners’

We learned that berries including grapes don’t have much natural pectin – the ingredient in jam that helps thicken the liquid. This means berry jam is often more sauce-like.

We used jam setting sugar that includes pectin, but we also added a lemon to the pot to help the setting.

The pot early on

The pot early on

Meanwhile, Felicity ran the Kitchen Kids’ Club, its new members making the very beautiful labels for the jam that you will notice in the first photo. Thanks Felicity and the children for your creativity.

TTG Kitchen Kids' Club!

TTG Kitchen Kids’ Club!

And we all shared tips, stories, a few laughs and even a glass of wine while taking turns stirring the pot. Thanks to everyone who made it along and helped with our message of sustainable living and eating in season!

Sharing tips around the jam pot

Sharing tips around the jam pot

Finally, here’s the recipe for those who missed out. Feel free to add your tips in the comments section below:

Bev’s Grape Jam (Local, in-season grapes from the Swan Valley)

– 4 or 5 kilos of seedless black grapes.
– 4 or 5 kilos of jam setting sugar, or caster sugar plus powdered pectin.
– 1 or 2 lemons, cut in half.

– Cut all fruit and weigh it before putting it in a large pot. A little water can be added to the bottom.
– Measure out the sugar, kilo for kilo to the weight of the fruit (i.e. 2kg grapes, 2kg sugar)
– Add the lemon.
-Bring the fruit to the boil. Mash up the fruit.
– Once the pot has come to the boil, add the sugar one kilo at a time and stir constantly to keep it from burning.
– Bring the pot to the boil, then add the next kilo. Repeat until all the sugar is in the pot.
– Boil and stir on a fast heat for about one hour, or until the liquid has reduced by about half.
– For the ‘jam test’, put a teaspoon of jam on a cool saucer. Wait until the jam has cooled and run a teaspoon through the jam. If a skin forms, it is ready to jar.
– Jar in cleaned and sterilised recycled jars.

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TTG Kitchen Gardeners’ Jam in January Workshop

Our first workshop for 2015

jam nest garden

It’s jam season again!

After last year’s successful ‘Sticky Fingers’ jam and pickle workshop, we decided to kick off our workshop series in 2015 with another opportunity to learn tips and best recipes for fruit preserves.

The workshop will be run by local Guildford jam maker Bev Roseveare, who will be sharing her recipes and giving a hands-on workshop on jam and pickle making. We’ll cover choosing fruit, preparation, cooking and jarring the jam and pickle. 

While the jam is cooking, we’ll enjoy afternoon tea.

Kids are welcome – we’ll have some relevant children’s activities happening in conjunction with the workshop if your little one/s are too small to join in with the adults.

Please bring:

  • An apron
  • A jar (or three)
  • Something from your garden/kitchen for the sharing table (eg. fruit, herbs, eggs etc)
  • Something to share for afternoon tea if you would like to.

Event details:

RSVP: We want everyone to be able to get their hands sticky. Please RSVP via Eventbrite so we can keep an eye on the numbers. 

Date: Saturday 17th January

Venue: Sian’s place, address on RSVP.

Time: Join us from 1pm until the jam cooks about 4pm.