Planting out a spring garden at Rebecca and Andy’s place

This month the Guildford Kitchen Gardeners are getting our hands dirty.  Rebecca and Andy have been wanting a vegie garden for a while, and have generously agreed to share putting it together with us.  If you’ve been wanting to set up a garden and haven’t known where to start, this is a great way to learn.

They’ve done all the hard work, so we’ll come in and help them finish it off, followed by afternoon tea, of course.

Please bring:  your gardening gloves and gardening tools, something for the sharing table if you have excess in your garden, some homemade yumminess to share for afternoon tea.  (these last two are not obligatory – if you’d like to bring something to share, please do but don’t feel obliged, we will have plenty).  Also, if you have a camp chair, you might want to have a sit down after all the hard work.

Here’s how it will work:

1.30:   Arrive and reacquaint with everyone
2pm:  Let’s get to work!  Rebecca has plans of what’s to be planted where, as well as seeds and seedlings.  We’ll be moving some soil, then planting seeds and seedlings.  There are also a couple of trees needing new homes.  Rebecca will have seeds and vegie seedlings, but would love donations if anyone has herb seedlings looking for a new home.
3.30:  Time for a well earned cuppa, biccie and a chat.
4pm: Done!

As we go, we’ll discuss soil health, companion planting, timing of planting various species, recipes and whatever else is of interest.

Please RSVP for address, to


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