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Are you prepared for a bushfire?

Cycling through Hazelmere yesterday we saw smoke from a backyard. What idiot would be burning off in this weather we thought!? We were just about to leave it, but we thought we better check everything was OK.

As we arrived we could see long grass burning in the backyard of the house and it became clear it wasn’t planned. With a tap right in front of us we asked the owner ‘Where’s your hose?’, ‘I’m looking for it’ was the reply.

I ran and grabbed the neighbours hose and pulled it out, but there was no pressure. No one was home and we later found out he has a bore, hence no pressure. So without hoses or buckets there wasn’t much we could do but wait for the fire brigade. And by the time they came, the small grass fire was producing thick black smoke and threatening the house.

A timely reminder to tidy the yard and prepare for the summer season, especially with the scorching weather this weekend! It’s very difficult to find things and think clearly under stress, so a prepared plan of action and ready gear is vital.
Check out the government website Are You Ready?

Are You Ready Site

When we see something unusual, it can be easy to be distracted by the bystander effect, as we nearly were. To assume that everything is under control, or that someone else will help out. Indeed, several cars stopped, and one was ringing the fire brigade when we arrived, but many more drove by. So it’s important that we always check with our neighbours and community -‘Are you alright?’.

And if emergency preparedness interests you, contact our Be Prepared group coordinator Chris Hogan – Christine@hogans.id.au or phone 9279 8778