Everlasting Bomb Making Workshop


Yesterday we amused ourselves making everlasting “bombs”. Our recipe was 3 parts bentonite clay, 1 part sifted compost, a handful of organic fertiliser, a couple of handfuls of everlasting seeds (not just the seeds, these were spent flowerheads) and then water to taste! Just enough to make the mixture stick so that you could fashion balls out of the mixture. We made then about the size you would make rum balls! They are now left to dry  and come May we will throw them into the mulch in our garden and wait for them to sprout. Here’s hoping!


Our verge group meets about every 3 weeks on the weekend and usually takes the form of some work on someone’s verge. The next session is on Sunday March 13th from 8-10am. We will be mulching a small verge in Bassendean. If you would like to attend please contact Pam  on pamela.riordan@gmail.com.


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