Bag Making Success

On Sunday we screened ‘Bag It – Is your life too plastic?‘ in the Guildford town hall. The movie outlines the overwhelming amount of plastic that we are consuming every day, particularly ‘single use disposable plastic’. Why would you make something that is used for a few minutes (a drink container) out of something that will take hundreds of years to break down!?

Bag It also highlighted the impact plastic has on the marine environment and human health. See this recent Catalyst episode for how that’s impacting on Australian wildlife and beaches.

We invited people to try going a day or a week without buying any plastic. Why not try it and see what you find? Let us know how you go.

Here’s some tips to reduce your plastic use:

  • Don’t use plastic bags – use reusable carry and fruit bags
  • Get a metal water bottle and avoid plastic drink containers
  • Bring your own coffee cup
  • Go to the farmers market and buy your fruit and veg plastic free

Murray from the City of Swan Waste Management team outlined some of the councils initiatives, including the upcoming Recyclable goods day (Sat 10th November), where residents can drop off e-waste and other items, and pick up free mulch! See Upcoming events for details.

Elizabeth, Debra and Kim also accompanied the movie with sewing demonstrations and hands on training on how to sew your own bag from left-over materials. Check out the photos below.

A hive of activity after the ‘Bag It’ screening

Rod learning to sew

Happy bag makers!

Murray (City of Swan Waste Management), Peter and Elizabeth

Article in the Echo newspaper with Elizabeth promoting the event


One response to “Bag Making Success

  1. Just wanted to extend a special word of thanks to the additional bag-maker, Peter G, with his fabulous retro Singer sewing machine. Hurray for communal stitching!

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