Verge Gardens off to a Great Start

Our newly formed verge gardening group is busy transforming verges around the Guildford area. We started at Barb’s where she has killed off her couch in preparation for a native verge. We still have more work to do, covering with cardboard and mulch before we can begin planting.

Cristina has a long very narrow verge beside a fairly busy road and it was  covered in weedy grasses. Six of us got to it with spades and in one hour we dug out all the weeds, raked over the ground, wetted it down and planted everlasting seed, ready for what should be a fantastic roadside display of colour in spring!

During 1

This weekend we’re moving onto Tash’s to get started there (Saturday 30th May, 2-4 pm, RSVP for address). It’s amazing how much easier it is when you have help!

Our small group of gardeners all have different plans for their verges, some for veges, some for natives,  but by sharing labour and knowledge what can be a formidable task suddenly becomes achievable. We meet for about 2 hours every 3 weeks on a Saturday afternoon. We work for an hour or so and then retire for a cuppa and a chat.

If you would like to join our very informal group contact Pam on


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  1. theforkofdreams

    Reblogged this on The fork of dreams and commented:
    Sounds fantastic and such a great idea!!!

  2. afarmingartist

    What is a verge, and why am I just hearing about it? I need to know more.

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