Third film night

Our third and final (for now) film night took place at Guildford Primary School on Tuesday 8th February, and while we had a few less people than at the first two, it was good to see some new faces as well as some from previous nights returning. We watched a documentary called In Transition 1.0, which explains what the Transition movement is about and what Transition Towns do, using footage from towns all around the world. It is an ideal film to watch if you are interested in sustainability or Transition Towns but not entirely sure of how it all works – if you missed it, you can watch it here.

It inspired a lot of talk about what we could do in Guildford to build a more resilient community, and about self-sufficiency in general. The website MulchNet was discussed, which is an amazing resource for getting mulch to make your garden more waterwise at little to no cost!

Our next event will be a professionally facilitated discussion, at which everyone who is interested will be welcome and encouraged to come along and share their thoughts and ideas on taking Transition Town Guildford to the next step – forming small groups to look at key areas and the actions that these groups will take within the community. This will take place in about 6 weeks, more details to follow soon…


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