Clean Up Australia Day 2014

Thanks to everyone who took part in our Clean Up Australia day in March 2014.

It was a new record for people and rubbish – 66 people took part and we collected over 24 bags of recycling and 32 bags of rubbish!

Not to mention 1 fax machine, 2 shopping trolleys, 1 car battery, 4 tyres, 2 gas bottles, containers of engine oil, and mounds of fencing wire from the Helena River.

A special thanks to Lindsay Baxter and the Guildford Association for co-hosting again. And thanks to Ian and Caroline for leading the South Guildford team along West Parade, which yielded the majority of new bulky items.

As always, thanks to the Guildford Primary school community and students for taking part and the Guildford Bakery for making delicious post clean up scones 🙂


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