Hearts and Minds debrief ‘Chasing Ice’

Following our very successful workshop on ‘The Economics of Happiness’ we held a debriefing workshop on the movie ‘Chasing Ice’.

Chasing Ice graphically but beautifully presents us with the chilling reality of climate change by showing heart-rending footage of rapidly retreating glaciers. It makes it very hard to ignore or deny what is happening to our planet. See this short video for an amusing and heart-warming testimonial from a new convert!

We used the time to share our personal reactions to the movie, our thoughts and feelings about its messages, the state of our climate and its implications for our future. We got to express and release some of the feelings that make it hard for us to face the scary possibilities the movie presents.

Then we got to think about what to do about the things we had learned, about the climate and about ourselves. One member suggested that we can’t truly do transition without doing internal transition!

It was a powerful session and we have decided to meet monthly from now on – our next meeting will be on Tuesday 14th Janurary, 7 pm at my home in Guildford. Please email me at rod.mitchell5@gmail.com for the address.


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