The Greens 2029 Perth Bike Plan

The Greens have released a detailed vision for safe cycling in Perth. The plan would develop 6600 km of separate bike lanes and path covering over 50% of Perth by the year 2029!

The vision includes:

  • a total of 300 km of Principal Shared Paths – bike freeways that are not shared with pedestrians
  • a total of 2000 km of local bike routes – well-marked, safe ‘bike boulevards’ on our local streets
  • a new network of 1800 km of safe routes to every school, railway station and employment hub
  • a new network of 2000 km protected Crosstown Bike Paths – that enable cyclists to travel anywhere to anywhere in Perth
  • a new network of 120 km of Greenways linking to urban bushland, wetlands and recreational areas

The plan would be funded by just 3% of the annual State Transport budget ($64 million), plus contributions from the Federal and local governments.

To read more about the bike plan visit The Greens 2029 Perth Bike Plan, to help support the plan visit here.


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