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Crafty Devils Christmas Special

Are you feeling festive? Or do you need some inspiration to get into the holiday spirit? Then wander down to the Crafty Devils Christmas Special on Saturday, December 7 from 1 to 3 p.m. at the Guildford Mechanics Hall to join in the fun.


Even if the mainstream “silly season” traditions aren’t your style, there is certainly opportunity to learn new ways of promoting low-impact gift giving (for any time of year), unique “upcycled” craft or present ideas, and just a lovely chance to meet and chat with some other local creative people.

Men and women of all ages and creative disciplines are welcome, but please leave the babies/kids/pets at home. (bring your friends & neighbours too!) There will be a festive holiday tea, and if anyone would like to contribute their own trademark treat that would also be lovely.

Ho-ho-hope to see you there!


And sew it goes: Crafty Devils get Stitchy!

How many Crafty Devils does it take to thread a needle? Each and every one! Sewing isn’t just for nonnas. (though nonnas are certainly welcome) It can be either a creative outlet or a practical pursuit, or even both at once. Learning to sew can be empowering, allowing the sewist to customise or repair their wardrobe or create personalised gifts or money-saving household goods. It can be relaxing, envigourating, therapeutic,  entertaining, and addictive. There are no fancy qualifications required for operating a sewing machine—it can be as straightforward as driving a car or running a jigsaw. The theme for the next craft lab is all about sewing, from sharing basic skills and knowledge to discussing interesting projects to build confidence and ability. There will be a few machines available for practicing or participants may bring their own.  These will also be an optional mini-project of making an upcycled carry bag from cast-off clothing (jeans, tees, buttoned shirts, or dresses work very well) or a pillow slip/old bedsheet. (please bring your own item & a sharp pair of scissors) Open crafting is also welcome, with project or medium of choice (byo supplies, of course!) Thinking about getting your stitch on? Then check out Crafty Devils at the Guildford Mechanics Institute, 1 to 3 p.m. on Saturday. Cost is just $5 and includes afternoon tea. Bring a friend and we’ll see you there!Image