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Result of Special Electors meeting

Last week a Special Electors meeting was held on Monday (19th of May 2014), following a request by 110 City of Swan residents. This was called to allow residents to discuss the Claymore Close trees saga and more broadly the process of council meetings and councillors. The topics we listed for discussion where:

a) The meetings, motions and processes which led to the decision to remove two mature, public trees in Claymore Close, Guildford, and without community consultation contrary to the City’s stated principle of community engagement and as expressly recommended by the officer in this particular matter and contrary to the expert opinion sought by the City.

b) The transparency, accessibility and accountability of Council meetings and Councillors.

Forty seven electors attended and 13 made statements. Fourteen motions were moved and in almost all cases supported without opposition. Motions included: Preserving the Claymore Close trees, Development of a comprehensive tree policy, Starting council meetings later at 6:30 pm and Live streaming/ audio recording of council meetings. You can read the record of comments made and the full list of motions moved in the Council minutes here.

The current rescission motion by Cr Congerton regarding the Claymore Close trees will again be before council tomorrow night (Wednesday 28th May). It is hoped that tomorrow councillors will again vote to defer a decision on the trees until the motions of the special electors meeting can be considered. The motions from the Special Electors meeting will be presented with recommendations and voted on by council at the following council meeting on Wednesday the 18th of June.

We encourage all residents to attend these council meetings, 5:30 pm, located above the Midland Library.

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