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Guildford Energy launch success

Guildford Energy launch

On Tuesday night, 45 people met at the Stirling Arms Hotel to hear about Guildford Energy and discuss the project.

GE launch2

Co-founder Rod Mitchell outlined similar very successful projects around the world (e.g. Brixton Energy) and several currently starting in Eastern Australia (e.g. Solar Share Canberra) . Dr Bernhard Mitchell then outlined the recent dramatic cost reductions in solar photovoltaics (PV) and the many reasons why solar is the way to go. The final presentation was by Dr Emily Mitchell who ran through the initial model for Guildford Energy in more detail (outlined below).

Initial proposed model for Guildford Energy.

Initial proposed model for Guildford Energy.

Finally, the most important part of the evening was to hear what everyone in the community thought! There were lots of questions, queries and clarification from the audience and the night finished with a co-design session in which people answered 10 questions on what they think about the project and see as the potential challenges and benefits. All these responses collected on post-it notes will be collated and we look forward to presenting the results at out next public meeting in a month or two.

Guildford Energy crowd  eager with questions and ideas

Guildford Energy crowd eager with questions and ideas

In the meantime, if you’d like to stay up to date and register your interest, please join our Mailing List and Like the Guildford Energy Facebook page.

Midland Reporter article 25th March 2014

Midland Reporter article 25th March 2014

Members of the Guildford Energy initiating team: Ben, Ash, Emily, Peter, Jenny, Bernhard & Rod

Members of the Guildford Energy initiating team: Ben, Ash, Emily, Peter, Jenny, Bernhard & Rod



Guildford Energy Launch & Community Discussion

Guildford Energy Logo

Please join us for the launch and community discussion about Guildford Energy – the first community owned solar initiative in Perth.

Come hear about community energy projects in Australia and overseas.

What Guildford Energy is about, and our initial thoughts – could Guildford and surrounds go solar?

Share your ideas and tell us what you’re interested in?

Find out how you can be involved….investor, business, organiser?

Join us on Tuesday the 25th of March, 7 – 8:30 pm at The Stirling Arms Hotel function room (117 James street, Guildford).

Please RSVP via eventbrite and Like the Facebook page

Any questions to

Come and help build the future of Guildford’s Energy!

Guildford Energy Flyer

Do you know what your money is doing?

Innovative research in 2009 by climate scientists asked the question, ‘How much carbon can we still burn and have a reasonable chance of staying below 2 degrees?’. The answer was, not much more.

And further work has calculated there are already enough fossil fuel reserves identified to cook the planet 5 times over! So the concept of unburnable carbon and fossil fuel divestment was born. As Bill McKibben says

If it’s wrong to wreck the climate, then surely it’s wrong to profit from that wreckage”

So we’re co-hosting a Divestment forum to ask – What can Divestment offer our Climate, Communities and Economy?

Divestment forum poster

Please join us on Friday the 6th of December to hear from a diverse range of speakers on what divestment is, why we need it and how you can take part.

RSVP via


Friday, 6th of December, 6- 8 pm.

Guildford Town Hall, Lot 188 James Street Guildford (there is limited parking available, so we encourage people to walk, ride or catch the train. It’s only 5 mins from Guildford station).

Entry by donation, light refreshments provided.

This event is co-hosted with the Hills Sustainability Group and Perth.