Action groups

Transition towns often form multiple interest groups which focus on a particular topic or area, like food or energy. Currently Transition Town Guildford has several active Action Groups:

Awareness Raising

Be Prepared

Skill share/Craft Group – seeking new moderator

Energy: Guildford Energy – email

Food: Kitchen Gardeners

Hearts and Minds


Waste and Recycling


Verge Gardening

Tree planting group ? – email

Future groups

If you’re interested in one of these, please get in touch with the Action group coordinator. If you’re interested in starting another sub group, please get in touch!


2 responses to “Action groups

  1. Elizabeth Fleckner

    Hello after talking to some of you at the last movie night I expressed my desire to start a verge garden in Midland. I have since started the layout and would love for others to get involved.

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