10 things YOU can do to create a PLAYbourhood

1. Just ‘hang out’ at the front of your house, have breakfast or a cuppa out on the veranda, or a picnic lunch/dinner on the front lawn. The kids will find things to play with and you’ll likely meet plenty of passers by; some will probably stop for a chat.


2. Put a cubby, trampoline or other fun items for children out the front of your house. Invite the neighbourhood kids to come and play. You may find your street really only needs one or two of these big ticket items.


3. Have you got the perfect driveway for bikes and scooters? Then how about inviting kids to use your driveway to practice their skills. You could put some chalk elements on the driveway as an invitation.

4. Super simple, cheap and as easy as can be, tie a large rope to your letter box or a tree in your front yard and invite kids to skip. This could also be a great chance for local residents to stop for a bit incidental exercise on their morning or evening walk.

5. Have you got a great tree in your front yard that you could put a tree swing in? They are irresistible to kids and you are guaranteed to get passers by having a go.


6. Buy a big bucket of chalk and add chalk games to your driveway, pavement or street. If you make a different one each week, kids will be intrigued to find out what’s coming next. Hopscotch is a big favourite here, but we’ve also done target practice with a chalk bullseye and bean bags. Leave plenty of chalk out the front as an invitation for kids to draw.


7. Plant fruit trees and/or build veggie patches out the front or your house. If you are happy to share produce; put up a sign saying kids are welcome to help themselves. Cherry tomatoes and beans are a winner with small hands. Front yard gardening is a GREAT way to meet your neighbours.

8. Place a geocache in your front yard. Geocaching is a world wide treasure hunt where small treasures are hidden and GPS coordinates recorded on an app. Hunters download the app and search for any treasures near them. You could quickly become the most popular house in the neighbourhood.

9. What about organising a street party, either for a special occasion like Easter or Christmas, or just because you feel like it? Pick a date and put some flyers in your neighbours letter boxes. You can either hold it on a suitable verge, your front yard or even apply to the council to close of your street. Some councils have programs to support street parties, or you may be able to apply for a grant.

10. Tear down your fence! Okay, this might seem a bit radical (especially if you’ve just built one) and sometimes it’s just not practical (if you live on a main road), but let’s face it, high front yard fences are a barrier to creating community. If you don’t really need that fence, then maybe you could consider removing it, or replacing it with a low picket or wire fence. If you were considering putting one up, perhaps reconsider.


And of course if you don’t have a front yard, or yours is just not suitable for kids to play in, you can still build the playbourhood by playing out the front at family, friends and neighbours. See you in the playbourhood!

Verge Gardening in Guildford and Surrounds

Have you ever driven past a lovely replanted verge and thought, “Gosh, I should do that!” What a great idea! Well now there’s a small group of keen neighbours in the Guildford area who would love you to join in.

Verge gardens

Here’s the idea: we’d love to get a few small groups of neighbours together, ideally a group(s) of homes that are close by, and ideally either in Guildford, or say, Woodbridge or South Guildford, to revamp their verges together.

We plan to start with a meet/greet/ideas session, with a speaker on how to clear your verge and get rid of grass/weeds. This is the ideal time of year to do so.

The remaining sessions would be rotated through participants’ verge locations, and include a short working bee to help each other get going – what a great idea! Then, a cuppa and a short talk/demo on a range of topics such as:

  • reticulation for verges
  • suitable natives and keeping them alive
  • veggies on the verge
  • mulching, etc

Our motive is to promote verge gardening and to create some fine and lovely local examples for people to enjoy.

Whether your interest is a verge planted with natives, veggies or just mulched, we’d love to hear from you.

Register your interest by emailing barb@beyondgreen.com.au or calling 0400 298 258

New Community Policing Model introduced

Did you know? As of the 1st December 2014, WA Police have introduced sweeping changes to the way services are delivered to the community using a new Community Policing model dubbed Frontline 2020.

The Midland area will benefit enormously from these changes. For example, since Dec 1st, resources to our local community have more than doubled from 60 to 130 officers. Each area now has a ‘Local Policing Team’ (LPTs) supported by centrally co-ordinated District Crime Centres.

One of the main changes that has really appealed to members of the community is that the new Local Police Teams are now regularly staffed by assigned officers who are designated as the local community police in your area. How cool is that!

Community cops

Our local area of Guildford and surrounding suburbs is now looked after by ‘Midland LPT 3’ – Local Policing Team 3 led by Sgt David York and his regular team of officers. We really enjoyed meeting representative officers from all the local teams. Transition Town Guildford has attended 2 recent community policing forums now and both times, we loved the enthusiastic response from the community and from our newly designated local officers. It’s great to start to see familiar faces in uniform around the traps.

To find out about your Local Policing Team, click here:   Find your Midland Area LPT

If you’d like to learn more about the new community policing model, click here for Frontline2020

And guess what else? They Tweet! The use of social media and other avenues of communication have been massively expanded to enhance keeping the community and the police well informed of what’s happening locally. Check it out on the links below.

Some important things haven’t changed:

  • If you need immediate Police assistance, call 131 444
  • In the event of an Emergency, call 000  (Save 000 for Emergencies)
  • NEW – If you need to communicate with your local LPT about an ongoing matter that is not urgent, then one of the best ways to do so is email. For example, in Guildford, email: police.station@police.wa.gov.au Subject: Attention LPT 3

For more info, check out the following:


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