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Plant your Garlic!

Ever been frustrated that all the garlic in the shops seems to come from China and Argentina?! Well, it’s the time of year to plant, and it’s super easy, here’s how I do it….

Get some garlic (preferably local)

Prepare a veggie bed, loosen the soil, and mix in some compost or manure if handy

Push the cloves into the ground so the top of the clove is below the soil (2-5 cm)

Repeat with ~10-15 cm between cloves and ~15-30 cm between rows

Water well

Care instructions:

Keep weeds under control, garlic don’t like competition

Winter rain does much of the watering, but they will need watering during dry periods


As summer approaches, the garlic leaves will begin to brown off

Pull up the garlic when a few green leaves are still left (these create the tissue cover for the bulb)

Hang up in a shed to dry, then store in a cool, dry, dark place and enjoy 🙂

Other tips:

I heard Sabrina Hahn on the radio say that putting the garlic in the fridge for a week helps it to germinate.

You don’t need veggie beds, just plant some garlic between the roses or around the garden

Reduce and stop watering the week before harvesting to avoid mould

Try to avoid the super white garlic in the shops from China, it’s usually bleached

Garlic grows well with many other plants, but may inhibit peas, beans and parsley, so grow separately from these

Garlic can deter ants, aphids, caterpillars, slugs and other soft-bodied pests

Got more tips on growing garlic, please post!

Addition – See photos of one of my crops here