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Pedal Powered Movie Under the Stars

This is not your typical night at the flicks…

To coincide with Bike Week, we’ve got a special movie night for March – Transition Town Guildford hosts a pedal powered movie under the starry Guildford sky.

This free community film night will be powered by the energy of volunteer riders pedalling stationary bikes. Anyone is welcome to pedal. There are bikes of all styles and sizes for men, women and kids.

So pack a picnic, ride in and get ready to pedal for a memorable movie night under the stars.

Bicycle the Movie flyer

Our feature movie ‘Bicycle’ is a humorous and fascinating reflection on the bicycle and the story of cycling. This documentary weaves tidbits of bicycle design, sport and transport through the retelling of some iconic stories about why people love cycling so much and why the bicycle is back in fashion. It’s a great film that will rekindle your love of travel on two wheels.” via IMDB. Rated 7.6 /10

Join us for an outdoor movie powered by you!

RSVP via Eventbrite here

When: Tuesday 10th March

Location: Spring Reserve (Corner Helena and Bank streets, Guildford)

Please cycle down, there will be bike racks. Bring a blanket and picnic and enjoy the evening from 6 pm. Movie starts after dark ~7 pm. Don’t forget jumpers. We’ll have mozzie repellent.

Entry by donation

Find more Bike Week events here: http://bikeweek.com.au/upcoming-events/


Bicycle Treasure Hunt fun

Over 60 people attended our Bicycle Treasure Hunt in Guildford on Sunday to celebrate Cycle Instead Bikeweek. We hope everyone had a fun time riding around Guildford, and that it will inspire people to ride more often, especially to school and for shorts trips around the place.

Bicycle treasure hunt

Congratulations to the winning Adult team ‘Next Stop Paris’, the family category winners ‘Chokoz’ and the ‘Black Swans’, who took out the best decorated bikes award for dressing up as pirates.

Bicycle treasure hunt3

Following the event, participants enjoyed yummy refreshments, including buns provided by the Guildford Bakery. Thanks!

Bikeweek is running until Sunday the 24th of March. To find another free bike event visit www.transport.wa.gov.au/bikeweek

Transition Town Guildford acknowledge the support of this event by the Department of Transport as part of Cycle Instead Bikeweek 2013.

Cycle Instead logo

Dept of Transport

Bicycle treasure hunt4

Bicycle Treasure hunt2

On your bike

Our hands on bike maintenance workshop the other week was a big success. Thirty four people filled the Guildford Primary School gymnasium to hear from cycling enthusiast Mike Norman on keeping your bike in good shape.

Bike workshop attendees

Mike covered the ABCD of bike maintenance, 90% of which you can do at home with only a few simple tools. Here’s a few things I picked up.

‘A’ stands for Air: Check your tyre pressure (it’s written on the side of the tyre). Make sure you have a set of tyre levers, a spare and a hand pump if you’re planning on riding a long way from home! Watch out for the introduced weed, Calthrop, the spines of which can cause punctures.

‘B’ stands for Brakes: Check both your brakes are working and ‘pinching’ together. You’ll need a set of allen keys to adjust the tension.

‘C’ stands for Chain: The most moving parts on the bike are in the chain. Make sure it’s clean, and it will save you a lot of work! Use an old paint brush or toothbrush to remove sand and crud from your chain. Pinch off built up stuff on your gears, including jockey wheels (the little ones that guide the chain). Then run the chain through a rag with a little degreaser (don’t spill onto your wheel bearings). Dry and remove excess from chain and apply bike chain lubricant. Wipe off excess.

‘D’ stands for D-lock: Make sure you have a good lock on your bike.

Happy Cycling!

For those with smart phones, there are several apps which take you through all these things and more. Check out Bike Doctor or Bicycle Maintenance 101